Spartanburg, SC

Confidential Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer

For this manufacturer, we integrated a custom filtration and air handling system into their building automation.

Close up view of the custom filtration and air handling system at a client facility

Value Delivered

Our turnkey design-build management of this project helped increase efficiencies and lower overall project costs. The air handler we installed delivers precise temperature, humidity, pressure, and particulate control.

Client Objectives

The client needed HEPA filtration and a custom air handler for their fiber manufacturing facility that produces synthetic hygienic yarn.


Our comprehensive solutions included design, fabrication, and installation of:

  • 100 percent outside air/50,000 CFM custom air handler with chilled water coils, steam pre-heat and re-heat coils, humidification control, pressure control, and HEPA filtration
  • Stainless steel distribution ductwork

We also balanced this three-stage filtration system with their exhaust system, and integrated it into their building automation system to provide facility-wide control.

Client Background

This confidential client is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of petrochemicals and wool yarns.