Prefabrication and Modularity

Large modular coolerDuring the preconstruction phase we identify opportunities for offsite prefabrication and utilize our BIM/VDC capabilities to produce and fabricate high quality products and solutions at our fully equipped fabrication shop.

Prefabrication reduces field labor time, increases efficiency, and improves schedule. Our fabrication facility is furnished with cutting edge tools and equipment, fully integrated with our Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform.

Offsite prefabrication also streamlines the on-site installation process, which helps to:

  • Reduce overall project time
  • Reduce headcount at the project site
  • Increase project safety
  • Provide cost-savings

For a wide range of clients, we fabricate:

  • Custom air handlers and air washers
  • Custom and heavy industrial ductwork
  • Fabrications requiring NQA-1 certification
  • Large modular evaporative coolers
  • Mechanical equipment skids
  • Piping racks and spools (hygienic, high purity, stainless steel, carbon steel, specialty)
  • Structural steel platforms and supports

To learn more about our prefabrication capabilities, contact us today.