Construction Management, Project Planning, & Construction Project Management

project_management2.jpgSuccessful construction management requires the application of experience, knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques. Here at Bahnson, our project planning and engineering management services are designed to meet every client’s needs and expectations. In short, construction management ties together all activities on a project, integrates those activities, and proactively manages them to produce a positive outcome.

We consider construction project management to be a significant differentiator between Bahnson and other construction management companies providing similar services. Our knowledge and experience gained over the past 95 years coupled with our skills, techniques, and our ability to apply what we have learned have enabled us to participate in some of the most complex engineering and construction jobs ever undertaken by recognized world leading EPCM firms.

Our construction management knowledge and processes have been honed by extensive experience in the industries we serve as well as the clients we serve, including the Departments of Defense and Energy.

We recognize that while the desired outcome is always the same, not all construction management projects require the implementation of highly sophisticated earned value systems. Meeting our client’s needs involves striking a proper balance between time, cost, quality, identified requirements, and unidentified requirements. Understanding this balance is what makes Bahnson different.

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