construction.jpgConstruction management operations have been a vital part of Bahnson’s core business for more than 50 years. In addition to being a mechanical construction company that employs highly skilled craftsman and a talented construction management team, we are well versed in the knowledge of regulatory restrictions and labor law around the country.

Our experience in the value engineering process and in providing complex construction engineering solutions for virtually every market segment within the U.S. enables us to apply “best practice” construction services techniques across a diverse range of projects to achieve innovative

Preconstruction Services

  • Conceptual Budget Estimating
  • Constructability Assessments
  • Design Assistance
  • Final Detailed Estimates
  • Value Engineering

Construction Management Services

  • Civil Construction Services Supporting Mechanical Installations
  • Comfort HVAC Systems
  • Controls & Instrumentation
  • ES & H Programs
  • Field Administration
  • Materials Management Including Procurement, Warehousing, Maintenance, and Issuance
  • Process Equipment Millwright Services
  • Process HVAC Systems including Cleanrooms
  • Process Piping, including:
    • Carbon and Stainless Steel - Large and Small Bore Piping
    • PVDF and Polypro Fusion Welded
    • Sanitary/Hygienic/High Purity Orbital Welded for FDA Validation
    • Ultra-High Purity

It is our standard operation to execute all construction services projects using techniques, control systems, and work processes which will provide optimal results in regards to safety, cost, quality, and schedule for our clients.

Contact us today to see why Bahnson is a proven industrial construction company leader in the value engineering process, stainless steel piping, and process piping design.