Life Sciences

crop_lifescience.jpgOur participation in the Life Sciences market is primarily through the provision of two different but closely aligned services.

First, through our Environmental Specialties (ES) business unit, we design and fabricate a diverse product line of controlled environment chambers that create a precise environment for clients' research, development and manufacturing processes. 

Various standard and custom sizes serve as Walk-In Cold Rooms and Walk-In Freezers including Walk-In Ultra Low Freezers and Vaccine Storage Chambers.

Walk-In Environmental Rooms include Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Walk-In Warm Rooms, Walk-In Incubators, ICH Stability Rooms and Shelf Life Study Chambers.

HEPA Filtered Clean Cold Rooms, HEPA Filtered Clean Warm Rooms, Growth Chambers, Shelf Lighted Rooms, Dry Rooms and Low Humidity Dry Rooms are included in our Walk-In Environmental Chamber Series. Custom Walk-In Environmental Room applications include Test chambers, Cascade Low Temperature Freezers for critical long term storage and archival storage rooms and vaults.

Next, Bahnson provides full mechanical services, including hygienic piping, process piping, HVAC and plumbing for Life Sciences operations throughout the United States. In the mid 1990s Bahnson developed and implemented its quality assurance program to support the company’s fabrication and field construction activities for the installation of piping systems within the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) evolving from this effort have enabled Bahnson to execute projects effectively and consistently producing high quality levels in a wide range of installations over the past several years.

Today, Bahnson continues to pursue contracts with complex mechanical systems including sophisticated process and high purity piping systems requiring the highest levels of quality assurance, project management, safety awareness, and financial capability.