crop_government.jpgOur government activities are broad and wide ranging; we supply mechanical systems and services generally as a second tier contractor to the Federal Government as well as to State and Local Governments.

At the Federal level, we supply systems and services to the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) through major defense and EPCM contractors for large, complex, first-of-a-kind projects.

At the State and Local level we supply mechanical systems and services either directly or through general contractors for primary and secondary schools, universities, municipal buildings, in short, most anywhere mechanical systems and/or emergency or planned service is required.

A special note must be made as it relates to our Federal Government activities. Bahnson is recognized as the mechanical contractor of choice for large, complex, first-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind DOD and DOE projects. Such projects are characterized by their exacting requirements governing quality assurance, safety awareness, schedule adherence, project management techniques, budget control, and systems integrity. Other considerations include company financial soundness, bonding capacity, cost accounting systems, engineering capability, skill sets, and past experience.

Typical projects include chemical demilitarization, nuclear waste cleanup/stabilization, nuclear materials processing/enrichment, nuclear weapons maintenance, reactor cocooning, waste vitrification, etc. We have performed over 100 such projects varying in size from a few thousand dollars to over $100 million at DOD chemical storage depots and DOE reservations including Hanford, Savannah River, Idaho National Laboratory, Pantex, Paducah, and Portsmouth.