BIM/Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual BIM designBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) allow us to collaborate closely with our clients, identifying issues or problems early in the process to help save time and money.

Our BIM capabilities are applicable to plan-spec, design-assist, and design-build projects. BIM connects design and construction teams and his collaboration helps realize efficiencies.

Additional Benefits of Virtual Design & Construction

While BIM involves 3D modeling and data input of physical components, VDC takes BIM further by using BIM models to plan the entire construction process, start to finish. VDC focuses on the construction planning of BIM and includes cost estimation, budget, and scheduling.

Through VDC, we bring all disciplines for all project phases to a central place early, maintaining continuous connectivity throughout the project lifecycle.

Our BIM/VDC approach helps to:

  • Streamline communication through a single shared platform
  • Align project teams on a shared vision, enabling members to build upon and share in each other’s progress
  • Allow multiple disciplines to simultaneously create, enhance, and maintain 3D models on a single platform through the cloud, giving immediate review and comment capability
  • Better define your project early to improve budget accuracy
  • Foster a problem-solving and innovative environment
  • Maintain transparency between disciplines to enhance accountability and mutual progress
  • Ensure consistent information-sharing over long-term projects
  • Maximize end-result accuracy through continual collaboration

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