Business Model

Our business model has evolved over the years and is simple in concept:

First, we recognize the general markets in which we participate are fragmented in that no one competitor has a significant market share. We recognize we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We will, therefore, pursue those opportunities which differentiate us from our competitors – technical and process knowledge, financial resources including bonding capacity, and specialized programs and skills.

Second, we recognize sustained profitability is not an option, it is a necessity. Our customers, our employees, and our shareholders expect us to be profitable. To remain a viable organization we must sustain our profitability. We are firmly committed to making a fair profit on the services we provide, while also recognizing the need to remain competitive. This is driven down to individual projects and supported by the strong management processes we have in place.

Third, we recognize the value of positive relationships built on mutual trust and respect. We will maintain our focus on developing strong, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Strong relationships are an important contributor to our success. We will maintain and strive to improve these relationships by providing exceptional quality and service at a fair price to our customers, ensuring repeat business.

Fourth, we recognize people are among our greatest assets. Employee skills and wellbeing are the building blocks of our success. Employee skills and dedication sell our capabilities, design and engineer our projects, conduct our planning processes, manage and execute our construction activities, and represent our company to our customers. We will strive to maintain the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of our employees in all locations through company and industry sponsored initiatives. We recognize for us to grow as a company, our employees must grow in their skills, knowledge, experience, and problem solving abilities. As the employees must do their part, we as a company recognize that it is incumbent that we do our part to promote employee security and wellbeing.

The fundamentals of our business model drive the decision-making processes and strategies we undertake as a company. Adherence to these four fundamentals also makes us unique among our competitors and has been a major contributor to our success over the last 90 years.